Craig County is located in the the western portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia, north of the City of Roanoke and the Roanoke Urbanized Area. Craig County is part of the Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area. New Castle is the county seat and the only town in the county.

The 2010 census has the population at 5175   and the 2018 population estimate is   at 5064.  There are  330 square miles comprising the county with  an average of 16 residents per square mile.

The county is a province of ridge and valley in geological terms.  Creeks run down the valleys and provide water source for livestock operations.  The continental divide zigzags through the county separating the drainages of the New River  (ending up in the Mississippi river) and the Atlantic ocean.

Nearly two thirds of the county is the George Washington  & Jefferson National Forest.  The Appalachian Trail crosses through the county west to east, and turns north. The county also contains the  Niday State Forest.  Rural in nature, it has no stop lights and is crisscrossed by Route 42 running northeast to southwest, and Route 311 running approximately east-west.

According to the 2017 agricultural census, the county has 125% more cattle than people residing in the county.  Other significant agricultural crops are  forage,    Christmas trees, and sheep and lambs.  There is one producer of bison in the county

Road maps with 911 street names and visitor information are available from the public library (Rt 311 and Main St).  They were produced by the Craig County Tourism Commission with assistance from Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission and Target Marketing, LLC.  Please note that Google does not “know” all of the county road names,  and only lists county route numbers for a large part of the county.

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